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October 23 2016

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October 21 2016

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Hello world,

It has been my intention to start writing short blog posts for a while so here it goes. My name is Colin I graduated from an American college with one of those fabled liberal arts degrees and dicked around Maryland and Oregon for 2 years before deciding to leave the US job market to try to get my shit together. To this end I decided to move to China to teach English to elementary-schoolers. I have done little traveling in the past so I hope to start logging a few of my experiences here for the hell of it.

I moved to a well developed area of China a little inland of Shanghai called Suzhou. The first month was spent settling into our new residences and our new schools. We all teach elementary school for the Suzhou public school system so we can coordinate and share resources to limit the amount of lesson planning any one person has to do. The work we do is extremely easy and has been explained to me as being paid to dance around as a white monkey before kids. There is no diversity over here which was quite strange to me coming from the United States. If do not obviously possess hereditary Chinese features you were probably not born here. SIP, the area of Suzhou that we work in, however has a large network of expatriates, both teachers and businessmen. This network allows foreigners to find many of the comforts of home which to my sight defeats the purpose of moving to China in the first place.

This post is meant only to preface any upcoming posts describing what I witness while I am here. I anticipate a great deal more misadventures and discoveries in the months to come and I am looking forward to sharing them.

It is my belief that as hopeless as it is for anyone to explore all there is to see that ones time is well spent recording their adventures even when they seem mundane. It is my hope to relay some of what I see and encounter for the entertainment of any interested onlookers. 

Here goes nothing.

October 18 2016

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God bless Adventure Time

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瑠璃光院 Rurikō-in Temple, Kyoto (via walrusonice)

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October 17 2016

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